Map features

Speed's Hampshire 1611

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border; picture frame border.
The border of the map is given the appearance of a carved wood picture frame.
title cartouche; strapwork cartouche, makers name, engraver's name.
coat of arms; royal arms and a heraldic border.
orientation; labelled borders.
scale line; chequered scale line in a cartouche.
coast shaded; sea moire effect, coast shaded with horizontal lines.
rivers; wiggly lines tapering from their mouth at the coast; none are named.
bridges; some bridges are drawn.
relief; groups of hillocks.
beacons; a post on a hill.
woods, forests; drawings of trees.
parks; ring of paling fence.
county boundary; fine dotted line, adjacent counties labelled.
hundred boundaries; fine dotted line, areas labelled.
settlements; dot and circle, plus buildings to grade size, which is also indicated by labelling style.
market towns; dot and circle, buildings and tower, upright lowercase lettering.
coastal defence, castles; dot and circle, tower and buildings.
town plan:
the map has an inset town plan of Winchester.
swash lettering, decoration, antiquities, windmills, watermills, vignette, ...

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Map HMCMS:KD1996.16